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Since 2009, Bielefeld University has set itself the goal of building up a comprehensive research data infrastructure. Services to support research data management are currently being developed within the pilot project ‘INFORMIUM’ together with specialists from different disciplines and central academic institutes. These include for example:

  • Information on the requirements of funders and science organizations as well as recommendations for developing data management plans (in cooperation with the Department for Research Administration and Technology Transfer, FFT)
  • Counselling on legal issues surrounding research data (in cooperation with the Legal Services/Justitiariat)
  • Information on training and further training in research data management
  • Reliable archiving, preservation, and dissemination of research data
  • Carrying out activities in the field of long-term preservation in cooperation with the University's Data Centre
  • The registration of research data: assignment of unique Persistent Identifiers to research data (DOIs)
  • Supporting the development of subject-specific research environments and data portals