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Resolution on Research Data Management

Bielefeld University is firmly committed to supporting its academics in implementing the ‘Principles and guidelines on handling research data at Bielefeld University’ from 19 July 2011 to promote a quality-assuring research data management.

  1. The Rektorat requests applicants to take advantage of the university’s advisory services – above all during the preparatory stage of any funding proposal requiring a data management plan (e.g. for the German Research Foundation, DFG)
  2. The Rektorat encourages academics to publish their research data through a registered research data archive within their discipline, or, if this is not available, through the research data repository of Bielefeld University. Publication should take the interests of persons and companies into account and be based on binding licensing conditions.
To fulfil Point 1, the Coordination Centre for Research Data at the Bielefeld University Library offers comprehensive advisory services on data management planning and continuous data documentation.
In line with Point 2, Bielefeld University Library supports faculties and academia to interlink existing data services with the worldwide network of data archives. At the same time, the institutional repository PUB – Publikationen an der Universität Bielefeld offers services for the publication of research data. Directories such as the DFG-funded "Registry of Research Data Repositories" also list appropriate locations for depositing data.
(adopted by the Rektorat in its session held on 12 November 2013)