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Open Science

This is an attempt to collect Open Science activities taking place at Bielefeld University.
The Open Science Working Group (formerly Open Access Task Force) conducts regular meetings in order to advance Open Science at Bielefeld University, and favours a hands-on approach. The group is open for anyone, and please feel free to subscribe to the mailing list right away.
The DFG-funded project Conquaire develops services that help improve replicability of research results. Some of them can be used already:
  • GitLab.UB is a locally hosted GitLab instance (similar to GitHub). This is a web-based collaborative development environment for working on software and data based on the versioning software Git. Bielefeld University staff can use their BITS login to use it. GitLab is more than a Git server. It also provides wikis, issue tracking, continuous integration (useful for automatic testing) and even a Docker repository, if required. For publishing datasets and software, an integration with our institutional publications repository PUB is in the works.
  • OpenScience Q&A is an international question and answer site run by Bielefeld University Library. Anyone can ask questions about Open Science – pseudonyms allowed. A team of international experts will try to answer them or will at least share their experience.
PhysicsOverflow is a next-generation academic platform for physicists and astronomers, including a community peer review system and a postgraduate-level discussion forum analogous to MathOverflow.
In April 2017, PhysicsOverflow moved from a commercial hoster to Bielefeld University Library.