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PhysicsOverflow moves hosting to Bielefeld University

PhysicsOverflow describes itself as “a next-generation academic platform for physicists and astronomers, including a community peer review system and a postgraduate-level discussion forum analogous to MathOverflow.”

In April this year, PhysicsOverflow moved from a commercial hosting service to a server run by Bielefeld University Library – mostly because they needed better IT support.

The library had already gained experience in running the underlying free and open-source Question2Answer software by hosting the Open Science Q&A site in the context of the DFG-funded project CONQUAIRE. As the name suggests, it provides questions to answers relating to Open Science.

What both Question2Answer instances have in common is that anyone can ask questions and anyone can answer them. Quality is guaranteed by volunteers (often international experts) who do not only provide answers but can also vote on answers so that good answers rise to the top.