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Frequently Asked Questions - Registration of Research Data

The mission of PUB is to promote data sharing and re-use of data and to keep data carried out by the University's research available to the public. Thus, we encourage our researchers to publish data with the Open Database Licenses:

For instructions on how to apply the licenses to your material please see each license’s home page.

Other licenses:

Please contact the the RDM contact person to assign special licenses, like Creative Commons or GPL to your data.

PUB will accept any file formats, but we encourage you to submit your data in open file formats. Open file formats are less likely to become obsolete in the future and make your data more accessible to others, who might not have the proprietary software needed to open or interpret the files.

We highly encourage you to consider the following recommendations:

  • if possible, submit your data in nonproprietary formats (open file formats),
  • data and descriptions (e.g. abstract) should not be linked to any externally available data, templates, or tools. Is highly recommended to co-archive these objects into the archival package. If it is not possible, the dependency (e.g. information about the software that is needed to read and process the data) to external data, should be documented in a README file.
  • since your data might be viewed by numerous users who use a wide variety of operating systems (Mac, PC, and Linux for instance) and devices (desktops, tablets, and smartphones are some examples), it is essential to avoid common illegal directory and filename characters.
  • for file names, use letters, numbers, "_", and "-".
    Avoid using blanks, special characters, or "umlauts" when naming files, folders, and objects.
  • keep your filenames to a reasonable length and be sure they are under 31 characters.
  • file extensions (e.g. .txt, .xml, .docx) should be consistent with the actual file format.

If you have any questions regarding file formats, conversions and other technical requirements for your data, please contact us.

With the acceptation of the Open Data Release Form, which is an integral part of the data publication workflow in PUB, data submitters have to declare that:

  • they are allowed to publish and to release the data under an Open Data License,
  • rights of third parties are not violated,
  • any joint author has given his consent to publish and to release the data under an Open Data License,
  • the data submitter is aware, that I she/he is only allowed to publish anonymous data or other data without personal reference. For publishing person-related agreements of the affected persons are needed,
  • the data submitter have to declare, that she/he do not violate these rules and that she/he is aware that this release might limit exploitation potential in terms of vending the data or achieving patents.

Download the Open Data Release Form here (PDF).

Screenshot of the data deposit form in PUB with the need to accept the Open Data Release Form.